Cooking Matters

Cooking Matters

For many people in the United States, a hearty meal – in fact, any meal at all – is a luxury. And although not everyone has access to affordable and nutritious food, Acord is trying to help make this a reality for local families.

We recently partnered with Cooking Matters Massachusetts and Appleton Farms to offer a Cooking Matters class to nine Acord families. This six week long program empowered the participants with the skills to stretch their food budgets so they can provide healthy meals at home. During the six week program the participants took part in hands-on cooking courses as well as a grocery store tour which provided helpful tips on selecting healthy options.

We’re so thankful that a grant from the North Shore United Way Women in Action Grant enabled us to offer the Cooking Matters program – and grateful that nine Acord families now have the knowledge they need to make better choices for themselves and their families.


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